L’Almont resigns from Mortgage Express after 12 years

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Harcourts International managing director Mike Green says L'Almont has been in the financial services industry for more than 30 years and after giving it considerable thought over the holiday period decided he would like to change focus and pursue new opportunities in the future.

L'Almont set up Harcourts Financial Services in Australia (now Mortgage Express Australia) before moving to New Zealand in 2000 to lead Mortgage Express, which in 2006 expanded to include an insurance broking division, Insurance Express.

"The expertise, energy and effort he has put in over many years in a very challenging environment has been outstanding," says Green.

"He can be proud of the role he has played in the diversification of the Harcourts group that ensures we can now offer our Australasian clients key, relevant value-added-services."

Over the coming weeks L'Almont will be assisting in ensuring the appropriate structure and resources are put in place to continue to drive the growth of Mortgage Express and Insurance Express in New Zealand.

L'Almont says he has had mixed emotions about the change as he has had a great time in the industry.

"I accomplished what I wanted to achieve and the time has come to do something else - I am keeping all of my options open," he says.

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