Spring activity so far

Daffodils growing outside house

The main conversation in the past week has been mainly over whether or not the changes in KiwiBuild were justifiable. Some would argue that the changes have created some reaction from the public, to chat about their finances. Some would also say that this has created a chain reaction in the activities in the property market.

The latest Barfoot & Thompson's stat has indicated that activities have picked up slightly in their auction rooms. Although the overall number of properties sold is still low, Barfoot recorded 87 residential properties sold by auction over the first week of September. That is 20 properties sold more than the previous week, with the busiest auction room being their Manukau location which is not a surprise.

As previously mentioned in earlier articles, with the drop in lower quartile properties around Auckland, Papakura and Franklin are looking to be places where buyers are entering the market.

How does this impact me?