Results: First Home Buyers

Calculator and pen in hand
14 January 2020

Deposits: How much you need to secure a home loan

A common question for buyers is “how much deposit do I need to secure a home loan?” Depending on who you speak to, you...

3D render of apartments
26 September 2019

The Auckland Unitary Plan gives green light on more apartments

After decades of lost opportunities, Auckland's Unitary Plan has given the green light and allowing for up to two million new dwel...

Back of builder inside house under construction
04 September 2019

"Kiwibuild was a lever, not an outcome"

The Government announced that they would be dropping the 100,000 KiwiBuild homes in 10 years scheme, describing the plan as "overl...

28 August 2019

House prices expecting a jump start

The ASB House Price Forecast has shown a small increase of 0.9% nationwide from 2018, with the most noticeable shift being Auckland, where the price has decreased by 3.1%.

27 August 2019

More rate cuts, more first home buyer activity

As of this morning, ANZ has announced a further reduction of their two-year fixed-term rate to 3.59%

22 August 2019

Lower mortgage rates helping Kiwis get into their first home

With mortgage interest rates dropping to an all-time low, lower quartile house prices are also dropping in parts of Auckland.