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14 March 2022

Inflation outlook gets worse, and better

It looks like inflation in New Zealand this year is going to be perhaps 1% higher than thought just a few weeks ago as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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03 March 2022

Where will mortgage rates peak?

What is it that borrowers should expect to see happen to their mortgage rates over the next few years? In particular, what does it mean now that the Reserve Bank have lifted their pick for how high their OCR goes from 2.5% to just under 3.4%?

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15 February 2022

Monetary policy tightening all around the world

It seems like we cannot get through a week at the moment without some fresh news suggesting inflation around the world will be more problematic than thought, and that interest rates will need to rise earlier and potentially higher than previously believed.

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27 January 2022

Higher inflation means higher interest rates

Inflation in New Zealand has just lifted from 4.9% to its highest level in three and a half decades. The numbers may sound shocking and indicate a rise in interest rates to what they were pre the Global Financial Crisis. But will they rise that high again?

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