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02 September 2019

Rate update: HSBC with the most aggressive rate on the market

With rates continuing to drop since the OCR cut, and most banks now only matching one another, HSBC has come out with the lowest fixed rate across all terms.

31 August 2019

More homes set to enter the Auckland market

According to Statistics NZ and, the number of new dwellings being consented in Auckland has doubled over the last five years.

30 August 2019

ASB joins the party with a reduced 2-year fixed term

ASB has joined the party and reduced their 2-year fixed term, effective immediately, to match ANZ's 3.59%.

28 August 2019

House prices expecting a jump start

The ASB House Price Forecast has shown a small increase of 0.9% nationwide from 2018, with the most noticeable shift being Auckland, where the price has decreased by 3.1%.