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27 August 2020

What happens with negative interest rates?

Two weeks ago, the Reserve Bank made a point of noting that they are actively examining how a negative interest rates policy might work.

26 August 2020

Is New Zealand's OCR heading below zero?

In recent months there’s been a good deal of speculation that New Zealand's Office Cash Rate (OCR) might drop below zero next year. It's already sitting at 0.25% and it’s expected to move downwards to stimulate activity in the economy.

13 August 2020

The good and bad from the new lockdown

I recently talked about interest rates reducing further. Now, courtesy of the change in New Zealand's Alert levels, the chances have both gone up, and down that this will happen

30 July 2020

Printing money and negative interest rates

A few people in recent months have been asking whether the printing of money will propel higher inflation which will lead to interest rates also surging higher. Answering their queries is actually quite easy.