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07 April 2020

Lockdown week two: market update

We’re two weeks into New Zealand’s level four lockdown and we haven't seen any further movement on mortgage rates. It seems that 3.05% and 3.09% for one-year fixed is now the norm.

01 April 2020

Covid-19: Mortgage rates and housing market forecast

There are a lot of what if’s at the moment. While there’s no crystal ball to consult, here’s our take based on what we’re seeing.

01 April 2020

Guest post: mortgage rate update

Squirrel's CEO John Bolton shares his views on what's in store for mortgage rates.

26 March 2020

HSBC drops their 1-year, 18-month & 2-year rates

As we enter the first day of our four-week (at least) lockdown, HSBC has announced their new mortgage rate of 2.95% for one-year and 18-month terms, along with a two-year rate of 3.09%.