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27 September 2019

3.49% is now the new norm

Kiwibank has announced their two-year fixed term today to be 3.49% as of Monday the 30th September. This is following BNZ’s announcement a week ago and Westpac and ASB's decision a couple of days later.

26 September 2019

The Auckland Unitary Plan gives green light on more apartments

After decades of lost opportunities, Auckland's Unitary Plan has given the green light and allowing for up to two million new dwellings in existing urban areas.

25 September 2019

Official Cash Rate remains unchanged

The latest announcement made by the RBNZ is that the OCR will remain unchanged for the time being.

24 September 2019

Thoughts on tomorrow's OCR update

Experts are not expecting another OCR cut until the November announcement, alongside a full Monetary Policy Statement release.