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19 November 2019

A quick overview of the market

Since last week’s decision to keep the OCR unchanged at one percent, we haven’t seen much of a shift in the market.

18 November 2019

Is it worth breaking your fixed loan while interest rates are low?

While rates are at record lows, Kiwis who have locked in a fixed rate mortgage at a higher rate might be asking if it’s worth breaking and fixing at a new rate?

15 November 2019

Bank lending restrictions easing

After the Reserve Bank’s recent decision to keep the Official Cash Rate at one percent, it looks like there could be more good news on the way for borrowers.

15 November 2019

Kiwibank's surprise rate change

As of this Monday (18th November), Kiwibank are dropping their one-year rate to 3.39% and increasing to their two-year fixed rate to 3.55%.