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21 February 2024

Why there's no need to increase the official cash rate

One major bank’s forecasters have predicted that the Reserve Bank will raise their current 5.5% official cash rate to 6.0% in the ...

07 February 2024

Reserve Bank still strongly opposed to big reductions in interest rates

The Reserve Bank still appears to remain staunchly opposed to any sizable reductions in mortgage interest rates. That said, it is ...

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29 January 2024

Inflation still too high for monetary policy to ease

Even though the December inflation numbers came out lower than expected, at 4.7% it is still too far way from the 1% - 3% target r...

27 January 2023

Be wary of the five year fix

Inflation has peaked, and with business and consumer confidence readings at appallingly low levels the weakness in the economy this year will see inflation fall away. But can we safely say that fixed interest rates have peaked as well?

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17 January 2023

Have most fixed mortgage rates already peaked?

The new year of 2023 is upon us and the big concern for people who did not lock their mortgage interest rate in for five years when rates were 3% or thereabouts over 2020-21 is how much higher fixed rates will go as the year progresses.

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16 December 2022

Fixed rates are most likely at their peaks

I am 90% confident that fixed rates are now at their cyclical peaks. The chances are very strong that the fixed rates for two years and beyond will be falling before the middle of 2023. - Tony Alexander, economist

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03 August 2022

Rates increasingly look like they have peaked

Inflation numbers have come out higher than expected offshore so expectations have grown that central banks will continue to raise their interest rates at a rapid pace. But therein lies some important information.

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