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03 August 2022

Rates increasingly look like they have peaked

Inflation numbers have come out higher than expected offshore so expectations have grown that central banks will continue to raise...

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15 July 2022

Monetary policy still tightening

Two weeks ago I wrote about how fixed mortgage rates for periods of two years and beyond may be at or very close to their peaks th...

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30 June 2022

Mortgage rates near their peaks

Banks have recently increased their fixed mortgage rates in response to a jump in the wholesale interest rates at which they thems...

17 December 2021

2022 will bring more mortgage rate increases

We started 2021 with the average one year fixed mortgage rate at 2.49%, the three year rate at 2.65%, and the five year rate 2.99%.

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06 December 2021

Guest post: Residential home loans: fix or float?

In this article, John Bolton, CEO of Squirrel Mortgages looks at how to pick the right fixed home loan rate term in a rising interest rate environment.

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03 December 2021

Monetary policy tightening already in place

Over nearly 3 years the OCR increased from 5.0% to 7.25%. But the 3-year fixed mortgage rate barely increased. Contrast that with the current situation of this rate rising 1.8% the past six months while the Reserve Bank’s cash rate has gone up only 0.5%.

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22 November 2021

Fixed rate hikes reflect market expectations

Mortgage interest rates have now risen by between 1.3% and 1.8% from where they were less than six months ago as banks have reacted to sharp increases in their cost of funds.

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