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17 April 2024

Inflation's backing down, but it's still got a way to go

If borrowers are hoping that the just-announced fall in the country’s rate of inflation to a four year low of 4.0% from the 2022 p...

03 April 2024

Interest rates expected to slide by the end of the year

The changes that the Reserve Bank will make its first cut to the official cash rate before the end of this year is rising — and he...

20 March 2024

Is inflation still a cause for concern?

The RBNZ is signalling that rate cuts lie ahead, but as of yet remains unprepared to initiate them. So is inflation under control ...

16 November 2023

Mortgage rates | no spring specials in sight, what’s in store for summer?

Costs for banks to borrow money have decreased. Added with the higher lending rates they provide, can banks afford to start cutting their own lending rates?

23 August 2023

Two giants and their impact on NZ

The Reserve Bank has kept the official cash rate at 5.5%, but the outlook on interest rates is still clouded. And now, the future of our housing market might be shaken up by two giants from the other side of the globe: China, and the U.S.

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09 August 2023

Interest rates: A puzzle of uncertainty

On August 16, the Reserve Bank will review their 5.5% official cash rate. It's extremely likely that they'll choose to remain at 5.5%, according to Tony Alexander — but what does this really mean for interest rates?

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17 July 2023

Reserve Bank puts an end to the OCR hikes – but challenges still lay ahead

The Reserve Bank remains confident there is no need to increase the OCR further — but when will mortgage interest rates begin to fall? New borrowers are still feeling the crunch too, with bank test rates often higher than 9%.

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