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17 April 2024

Inflation's backing down, but it's still got a way to go

If borrowers are hoping that the just-announced fall in the country’s rate of inflation to a four year low of 4.0% from the 2022 p...

03 April 2024

Interest rates expected to slide by the end of the year

The changes that the Reserve Bank will make its first cut to the official cash rate before the end of this year is rising — and he...

20 March 2024

Is inflation still a cause for concern?

The RBNZ is signalling that rate cuts lie ahead, but as of yet remains unprepared to initiate them. So is inflation under control ...

07 March 2024

Interest rate update: could 2024 be the year we see rate cuts?

The Reserve Bank reviewed the economy and monetary policy and decided things are not quite as worrying as they were thinking in November. With this, are interest rate cuts on the cards for this year?

21 February 2024

Why there's no need to increase the official cash rate

One major bank’s forecasters have predicted that the Reserve Bank will raise their current 5.5% official cash rate to 6.0% in the very near future. But is this really likely to happen?

12 December 2023

Borrowers should concentrate on managing risk — not rate chasing

Chances are good that the official cash rate will be cut before the end of 2024 and even by the middle of next year. But should borrowers be focusing on trying to predict the ups and downs of the rates cycle?

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29 November 2023

Lower mortgage rates, or higher bank margins?

Declines in fixed interest rates in the US have fed through to some reductions in NZ’s bank wholesale borrowing costs. Will this mean lower mortgage rates for Kiwi, or will this end up as extra margin for the banks?

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