Results: Interest Rates

Businessman pointing with pen, at a graph on desk
09 October 2019

Economic Outlook

We're now seeing the lowest housing interest rates of all time, the unemployment rate has remained low, and inflation has been und...

Corporate people in a meeting
04 October 2019

What's happening across the ditch

The biggest conversation in the market right now is around the OCR. Will it keep going down? Is it because of low business confide...

Cutting paper
27 September 2019

3.49% is now the new norm

Kiwibank has announced their two-year fixed term today to be 3.49% as of Monday the 30th September. This is following BNZ’s announ...

13 September 2019

Banks stocking up for spring

With a record-low OCR, it looks like banks are taking advantage of low wholesale funds. According to KPMG's latest survey, Westpac launched a medium-term note issue seeking $100 million.