Results: Mortgage Rates

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09 October 2019

The Co-Operative Bank challenging the big banks

Another week, another rate cut. This time from an unexpected source, The Co-Operative Bank. For clients who like to support a Kiwi...

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07 October 2019

Three things to consider when choosing your mortgage rate

We're entering a market where interest rates are the lowest they have ever been. The question most people are contemplating is:

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04 October 2019

What's happening across the ditch

The biggest conversation in the market right now is around the OCR. Will it keep going down? Is it because of low business confide...

02 October 2019

Chinese banks setting the new standard

The Chinese bank ICBC is the latest to sharpen its home loan rate with 3.18% for one year, 18 months and two years fixed.

27 September 2019

3.49% is now the new norm

Kiwibank has announced their two-year fixed term today to be 3.49% as of Monday the 30th September. This is following BNZ’s announcement a week ago and Westpac and ASB's decision a couple of days later.

23 September 2019

Another rate cut from BNZ

After Westpac and ANZ lowering their 2-year rate to match BNZ's previous cut, it looks like BNZ have responded with yet another rival leading 2-year term.

16 September 2019

BNZ drops their 2 year rate

As of this morning, BNZ has announced their new two year fixed rate of 3.54%, making them the lowest amongst their rivals. This new rate is even lower than Kiwibank's one year, 3.55%.