Results: New Zealand Economy

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06 November 2019

Will we see an OCR cut next week?

The OCR and the monetary policy are due to be announced next week which will be the last announcement for this year.

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04 November 2019

More people, more money... more problems?

As a natural green country, a shift in focus from increasing the population to up-skilling the population will surely be of a bene...

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01 November 2019

Quick economic update

Following the most recent business survey done by the banks, it seems that their economists are now taking a step back on their ea...

17 October 2019

Will the OCR drop again?

Some people are questioning whether another OCR cut is necessary and others are suggesting the RBNZ still has cause for concern. What will the next move be?

09 October 2019

Economic Outlook

We're now seeing the lowest housing interest rates of all time, the unemployment rate has remained low, and inflation has been under control. So why is business confidence so low according to the latest NZIER's latest survey?

25 September 2019

Official Cash Rate remains unchanged

The latest announcement made by the RBNZ is that the OCR will remain unchanged for the time being.

24 September 2019

Thoughts on tomorrow's OCR update

Experts are not expecting another OCR cut until the November announcement, alongside a full Monetary Policy Statement release.