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17 June 2022

A global interest rate shock is underway

As a result of annual inflation rates surprising on the high side overseas, recent renewed increases in energy prices, and rising ...

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03 June 2022

A new 'least regrets' policy from the Reserve Bank of NZ

On May 25, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand told us that they have decided to implement a new “least regrets” policy which is compl...

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23 May 2022

Shorter fixed term mortgage rates preferred

I sometimes struggle to remain polite when journalists ask me if the rising rates environment means now is a good time to fix for ...

14 March 2022

Inflation outlook gets worse, and better

It looks like inflation in New Zealand this year is going to be perhaps 1% higher than thought just a few weeks ago as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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03 March 2022

Where will mortgage rates peak?

What is it that borrowers should expect to see happen to their mortgage rates over the next few years? In particular, what does it mean now that the Reserve Bank have lifted their pick for how high their OCR goes from 2.5% to just under 3.4%?

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27 January 2022

Higher inflation means higher interest rates

Inflation in New Zealand has just lifted from 4.9% to its highest level in three and a half decades. The numbers may sound shocking and indicate a rise in interest rates to what they were pre the Global Financial Crisis. But will they rise that high again?

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13 January 2022

Interest rate rises to continue this year

Welcome to my first fortnightly column on mortgage rate levels and prospects in New Zealand. At the start of 2022 we can see that all fixed interest rates have in fact risen quite firmly.

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