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Results: Floating rates

21 February 2024

Why there's no need to increase the official cash rate

One major bank’s forecasters have predicted that the Reserve Bank will raise their current 5.5% official cash rate to 6.0% in the ...

07 February 2024

Reserve Bank still strongly opposed to big reductions in interest rates

The Reserve Bank still appears to remain staunchly opposed to any sizable reductions in mortgage interest rates. That said, it is ...

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29 January 2024

Inflation still too high for monetary policy to ease

Even though the December inflation numbers came out lower than expected, at 4.7% it is still too far way from the 1% - 3% target r...

06 April 2023

Monetary policy tightening may finally have peaked

The Reserve Bank conducted their regular review of New Zealand’s official cash rate this week and rather than increase it by the widely expected 0.25% they took it up by 0.5%.

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27 March 2023

The sting from inflation and monetary policy continues

There remains massive uncertainty regarding where inflation is headed in this unique post-pandemic environment. So when will it really end?

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22 February 2023

OCR continues to rise despite recent weather events

Following the recent flooding some people were of the opinion that recession would be guaranteed, and the need existed to at least stop raising interest rates if not cut them. However the OCR continues to rise, despite pleas from the public.

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09 February 2023

Should Kiwis expect the worst case scenario for mortgage rates?

How long will it take for central banks to be confident that inflation is under control and that sending an easing signal is safe?

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