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Results: Floating rates

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03 August 2022

Rates increasingly look like they have peaked

Inflation numbers have come out higher than expected offshore so expectations have grown that central banks will continue to raise...

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15 July 2022

Monetary policy still tightening

Two weeks ago I wrote about how fixed mortgage rates for periods of two years and beyond may be at or very close to their peaks th...

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30 June 2022

Mortgage rates near their peaks

Banks have recently increased their fixed mortgage rates in response to a jump in the wholesale interest rates at which they thems...

06 May 2021

How stronger employment could impact interest rates next year

Unlike overseas central banks, ours has never placed a timeline on its low interest rate policy, instead making any rate change conditional on the achievement of its key targets. Let's explore what those targets are and where they're at.

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01 April 2020

Guest post: mortgage rate update

Squirrel's CEO John Bolton shares his views on what's in store for mortgage rates.

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05 February 2020

Early repayment fees explained

For anyone that has a mortgage, it’s important to understand all aspects of it and how to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

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